Tech and the Environment

A conversation with Marshall Brown, Executive Director of Save the Great South Bay


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Summer… time to relax and enjoy a break from work.  This usually means heading to the water, and aren’t we all grateful for the beautiful water we have access to on Long Island?  You don’t want to miss this lunch and learn session to truly appreciate what it takes to keep our waterways healthy.

…Meet the organization actively improving the quality of Long Island’s Great South Bay

…Learn how technology is playing an important role in this revitalization

…Understand ways you can support the effort

Long Island Women in Tech presentations welcome both women and men.

Speaker Bio:

Marshall Brown, Executive Director of Save the Great South Bay 

Marshall is dedicated to revitalizing the bay he grew up on. He strongly believes it can be done through local stewardship and individual participation of all of us, to rebuild native habitats, clean up along our creeks and restore our shellfish populations. As part of his environmental advocacy, Marshall hosts “Water Matters”  a show which addresses Long Island’s many water quality issues. He is also a frequent public speaker on local environmental issues. In a prior life, Marshall pursued a PhD in English, worked in IT consulting and founded Wifi Salon to provide Wifi to 18 major NYC parks.


We are almost 15,000 strong in our Facebook Group, and are in every community from Lindenhurst to Mastic. Together we can save this bay.  With The Creek Defender Program, South Shore communities can stop pollution before it reaches the bay, and improve habitat along the 36 creeks that flow into our bay. We advocate for the planting of native “swamp forests” along these creeks,plantings that filter the ground water before it even reaches the creek and the bay.   If we can improve water quality to where brown tide isn’t ravaging the bay each year, and we can bring this bay back.

With our Bay Friendly Yards initiative, every South Shore resident can literally put a stake in the ground and make a stand for the bay by planting only native plantings in their yards, where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides or extra water is necessary, and where these plantings help to filter the groundwater.

As part of our Habitat Restoration Program, we advocate the speedy implementation of 21st Century wastewater infrastructure so that we can bring back what would be today a $1 billion industry in the form of oyster farms.  As part of this program, we also emphasize educating people as to the bay’s ecology, its flora and fauna.   We will only want to save what we have come to understand and love.


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