Secret Job Hunting: Keeping Your Options Open

Speakers: Ron Elitzur & Peter Averill of Workey & Stefana Muller of LIWiT


July 20, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm EST


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You should always be secretly job hunting. It’s as simple as that.
Smart, successful people know the difference between loyalty and foolishness.
– Melanie Holly Pasch, Community Manager @ Workey

In her no nonsense blog, “Stop Making Excuses – Yeah, You!“, Melanie Holly Pasch of gives us some great reasons for starting the job hunt while we’re still working. Many of us Women in Tech are very loyal employees. We often feel guilt and worry when looking into other opportunities while still working full time. Some of us just can’t seem to find the time to focus on this activity when work takes over our schedules.

In this webinar, we’re going to take Melanie’s advice to heart. First, Stefana Muller will review why you should always be job hunting and keeping your options open so you don’t fall flat after a layoff. She’ll share her personal story and some ways to get over the ‘secret job hunting guilt’. Then, Ron Elitzur and Peter Averill of Workey will introduce us to the “How” with their convenient and anonymous platform for discovering career opportunities, knowing your worth, and meeting amazing companies. The technology behind the platform includes some impressive AI – you won’t want to miss the details on how to get the system to work for you.

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All Long Island Women in Tech presentations welcome both women and men and are in no way exclusive.

Speakers Bios:

Ron Elitzur

Ron is the VP of Sales at Workey and member of Workey’s founding US Team. Prior to Workey Ron co-founded the leading sports social media platform – SPORTalk and prior to that, the largest agency recruitment platform – BountyJobs. Throughout the years, Ron worked with hundreds of companies from startups to large multi-nationals helping them streamline and improve their recruitment process and talent acquisition efforts. Witnessing how Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the recruitment industry Ron founded and leads to document these trends. Ron earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, Stephen Ross School of Business and his BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Peter Averill

Peter is a staffing and sales professional that is part of Workey’s founding US Team. Successfully on boarding many large tech companies in the US, Peter reviews candidate profiles and resumes daily with clients on Workey’s platform. Before Workey Peter was in a similar role at where he worked exclusively with Indeed’s staffing accounts. In his role at indeed Peter frequently hosted calls with recruiters regarding their feedback on what makes a quality candidate on paper. Peter Attended Texas A&M where he earned his BBA majoring in Business.

Stefana Muller

Stefana founded LI Women in Tech in 2015 after realizing her network of other women in technology on Long Island was slim to none. Over the past 2 years, Stefana has grown the group from 5 members to over 250 and brought high-quality networking events and webinars to the techie ladies of Long Island. Stefana represents our group through her many volunteer activities in the community bringing computer science to children from pre-K through High School. By day, Stefana is a Vice President at a budding start-up building new tools for rapid app deployment.

About Workey:

Workey is an online platform that uses A.I. to match tech candidates to open positions. Candidates can thumbs up and thumbs down suggested positions and over time the A.I. learns exactly what types of companies and jobs the candidate likes. Workey also uses Big Data to analyze each candidates work history and skills, and will then suggest alternate career paths for the candidates to consider. In addition to finding candidates their next career, one of Workey’s biggest goals is to shed some much needed light on the increasingly difficult question “where do I see myself in 5 years?”