Machine Learning— What's It All About?

Machine Learning Webinar with Priscilla Moraes— August 24, 2018 @ 1pm ET


Friday August 24, 2018 

1:00- 2:00pm EST


Online- Zoom


The concept of Machine Learning has been around for centuries but it wasn’t truly realized until 1952 when Arthur Samuel created a program that helped an IBM computer get better at the game of checkers. Over the past 10 years, machine learning has been at the forefront of technology. With neural-net deep learning, IBM Watson winning at Jeopardy! and the Google Brain detecting human faces, Machine Learning has now moved into the modern age and the true application that we’ve seen depicted in movies.

Join us on August 24th at 1pm for an insightful discussion about the basics of Machine Learning featuring Google Machine Learning Specialist, Priscilla Moraes, PhD. We’ll dive deep into the practical application of Machine Learning while covering all the new and emerging jobs that have popped up in the space over the past few years.

This is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to get a leg-up on this technology. You’ll get to interact with Priscilla directly on our webinar while we ask her the key questions all of us have been dying to ask.

Read up on the history of machine learning in this great article by Google.

We hope to see you there!

Speaker Bio:
Priscilla Moraes, PhD. Machine Learning Specialist @ Google

I’ve been amazed by computers since the age of 13. However, it wasn’t until I wandered around hospital hallways as a Nursing student that I finally realized that my thing was actually bits, not bodies.

I moved to the US in 2008 clueless and languageless (yes, I’m in NLP, so I am allowed to make up words), accompanying my husband for his PhD studies. After being rescued by the English Language Institute and being inspired by the amazing women I met through the CISters group at the University of Delaware, I started my PhD program.

I worked with the IBM Watson team for over 3 years before joining Google as a Machine Learning Specialist.

Whenever I am at home after work and not in one of my kids’ (2 girls: 8 and 2 years-old) extracurricular activities, I enjoy dancing with them and listening to their stories.

I also run 5K, love cave diving, and climbing mountains. Not! (Just give me a book and a glass of wine and I am in heaven). 

You can connect with me on LinkedIN.