Crypto Assets and Career Opportunities

Webinar presented by Michael Beller


Friday, February 2, 2018

12:00 – 1:00 pm


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We all hear the excitement surrounding crypto currencies and this webinar will clarify the value of this technology (including why it’s really more accurate to view this as a new asset class than a currency), how this technology works, and what career opportunities are emerging.  

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All Long Island Women in Tech presentations welcome both women and men and are in no way exclusive.

Speakers Bio:

Michael Beller

Michael Beller is a Start Up Investor, Venture Capital Partner, CxO, and consultant.

He is currently a Partner at the venture capital firm CoVenture. CoVenture combines financial capital, technical capital, and domain expertise to provide investors unique access to a variety of alternative investments in venture capital, alternative lending, and cryptocurrencies.

He is also Managing Partner at the management consulting firm Lightship Partners. Lightship Partners helps senior executives, boards of directors, and investors assess, plan, and manage initiatives to leverage technology and achieve operational excellence to improve profits, predictability, and growth.

He splits his time between NYC and San Francisco.  He is married with two very interesting adult children.