Coffee House Friday's

Friday Networking Meet Ups at a Coffee Shop Near You


Friday’s from 9am – 10am


Location Changes Weekly! Check the schedule on

Coffee Friday’s began in 2018 with a few LIWiT members gathering at a local coffee house to work while networking. Over the past 6 months or so, this event has grown and continued to be a great way for people to network while working from ‘home’.

Be sure to check out our latest schedule here.


So that we can accommodate the various interests of the group and an increasing number of attendees, we’ve adopted the #LeanCoffee style of meeting. We’ve adjusted this a bit to fit the needs of our group (new members get 3 topic votes!). So that you know the basics, here’s a great overview.

Contact Stefana if you’d like to host a Coffee House Friday at a spot near you!