For Women’s History Month 2020, Long Island Women in Tech was featured on North Shore TV, a public access station serving the North Shore of Long Island, NY. In the segment, host Karleen Leveille sits down with a few of our members to get the inside scoop about women who are dominating the tech industry on Long Island.

Featured speakers include:

  • Neetu Rajpal, Entrepreneur and VP of Engineering at Oscar Health
  • Lee’Ann Burgess, Founder of Social Vibe Marketing, and Director of Long Island Women in Tech
  • Stefana Muller, Sr. Product Manager at 2nd Watch and Founder of Long Island Women in Tech

Check out the episode here on YouTube and learn more about how Long Island Women in Tech started as well as how these women excel in their careers while staying close to home.

Special thanks to Kathy Ziet who produced the episode and Erica Bradley, Executive Director of NSTV for all her support.