DevOps is considered one of the most valuable business and engineering philosophies for companies in the digital age. It has transformed the way engineering teams collaborate to create and release software focusing on building a culture of trust, feedback and continuous improvement.

On November 21, 2019, we hosted a panel of DevOps experts that shared the basic tenets of this methodology and how companies, teams and individuals can use it to transform and meet the demands of their customers. Developers, testers, operations teams, security professionals, infrastructure engineers and project managers alike will find value in the discussion.

This recording includes a Welcome Address from Nada Anid, PhD and then a Panel Discussion featuring DevOps experts from various roles throughout the industry including Kareen Kircher, Rashan Smith, Diana Gruhn, Victoria Geronimo, and Matthew Titmus.

Demystifying DevOps: Panelists

Demystifying DevOps: Panelists


Thank you to our event sponsors including: Comptia, Entrust Datacard, and New York Institute of Technology.

Thank you to our Volunteers for their hard work in pulling off this great event!