On August 14, 2019, we were privileged to host Marshall Brown, Executive Director of Save the Great South Bay for a session entitled “Tech & the Environment”.

Summer… time to relax and enjoy a break from work.  This usually means heading to the water, and aren’t we all grateful for the beautiful water we have access to on Long Island?  In this session, we learned to truly appreciate what it takes to keep our waterways healthy. The conversation includes:

  • Overview of the organization that is actively improving the quality of Long Island’s Great South Bay
  • How technology is playing an important role in this revitalization
  • Ways we each can support the effort

Here are some resources from the session:

  • Native Planting ebook
  • No Spray request form
  • Events – Regatta and more are here

Remember corporate sponsorship and engagement is welcome!

Webinar Recording: