Long Island Women in Tech Opens Up Slack Workspace for All Members

In order to foster more conversations and direct communication, Long Island Women in Tech recently opened up our Slack workspace to all members!

Click Here to Join Us on Slack

We’ve built out a few channels to get you started…

  • #welcome_wagon is a place to introduce yourself to the group, tell us who you are, what you do, and something you are working on.
  • #jobs includes info about local tech job opportunities where our members can help share connections to the hiring managers.
  • #thehappenings channel lists out any upcoming events hosted by LIWiT, our partners, and any other relevant events members want to share with the group.
  • #helpinghands is the place to volunteer for LIWiT. Post what you can offer here.
  • #coffee_break is for news, jokes, and to relax and unwind.

We’ll be opening up more channels in the near future like a place to search for a mentor, ask for specific career or tech help, study space for those working on a certification or specific classes, an ideation space and a place to share your successes.

Request your invitation and become a part of the conversation.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

LaShana Breland
Chief Slack Officer and
Director, Long Island Women in Tech