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COFFEE & CODED Female Founders Series: #7 Lee’Ann Burgess

Meet Lee’Ann Burgess. Lee’Ann is the Director of Social Media at Long Island Women in Tech (WIT) and the WIT Chair and Board

Member for the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) for Long Island. She is also the Founder of Social Vibe Marketing providing social media, web marketing and web development services to companies across the Tri-State area. Lee’Ann recently expanded her company to include a subdivision, SVM Logic, providing IT & Cybersecurity solutions for businesses. She has a background in data analytics, cyber security, business strategy & development getting her start in web development building niche E-Commerce sites.

Find out why we’re so inspired by her. Check out her story below.

Fast Facts:

Lee'Ann Burgess - Coffee and Coded

Lee’Ann Burgess – Coffee and Coded

Home Base: Long Island, New York

Founded: 2014

Fav App: SendibleIHeartRadio

Fav Podcast: “Gary Vee Audio Experience” by Gary Vaynerchuck

Fav BookThe Innovators Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

Female Role Model: Stefana Muller, Founder of Long Island Women in Tech

From Lee’Ann’s Perspective:

Why did you start Social Vibe Marketing?

“I wanted to have a business where I had full control of my schedule, but also I wanted to do something I loved. I have children so I wanted to build a career where I could be there for them.”

What was your biggest challenge?

“Early on people were telling me I wouldn’t be able to run a business and be a single mom. It ended up being my biggest challenge but also my biggest motivator.”

You’ve been doing this for about four years now. What’s changed since that first year of business?

“In the beginning I struggled a lot with finding work/life balance with my family and felt guilty for taking time away from them. It was a huge struggle. I would find myself working all hours of the night and being exhausted. I finally overcame it by hiring a business coach, who helped me schedule out my day around my most productive times. Now I’ve learned how to schedule out my time and set the right goals so I maximize my time with my children and working on my business.”

What’s your advice to new entrepreneurs?

“Don’t spend too much time sitting and planning. Just start doing and don’t be afraid to fail. I’m a mom and I help mentor and advise other moms and women in business to help them with their business ventures, and noticed that they have a lot of doubt. I think that comes from a lot of skepticism passed on to them from other people. You have to learn to ignore the doubters; just go and do it.”

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Reposted with permission from COFFEE & CODED