We had a great talk with Michael Beller, Partner at CoVenture today covering crypto assets, crypto currencies, block chain, de-centralization, nodes, mining, fiat money and more. Mike filled us in on the basics of crypto assets but then dove into how the underlying de-centralizing concepts and technology is affecting industries all over the world from food supply chains, to advertising, to content creation, to medical.

One of the best tips by far on how to get involved in the space or help your company get there, Mike suggests you just start talking about it.

“Think learning, think about your individual company, the businesses and functions within the company – you’ll start to generate ideas [of where blockchain can apply]. There’s a tremendous opportunity to become the leader within your organizations in terms of understand blockchain and how it can impact your business.”

If you missed this session, you can grab it here on YouTube. Let us know if you have any further questions for Mike by commenting below.