This summer, our Long Island Women in Tech Founder, Stefana Muller took on a task for her local community; revamping the Babylon Soccer Club website to make it easier for parents, coaches and players to find information. Initially she set out to do this on her own, but after seeing the existing platform was almost 15 years old, she realized a new website was necessary and she was going to need some help.

Stefana is not a web developer by trade but recently built the Long Island Women in Tech website on WordPress and then helped create and maintain the Opsani website as her company went through a rebranding effort. With her new-found skills, Stefana was able to pull together a team of 5 girls ranging in age from 8 to 14 to create

Here’s a bit of what Stefana wrote about the project:

The website team of 5 students and I spent a cumulative 100+ hours this summer updating the soccer club content, working on layout and design and publishing pages of information in an easy to read format. The girls learned a bit of HTML & CSS while becoming advanced users of WordPress, an open source website content management system. They learned the Divi Theme and Builder to layout and design the site and spent a lot of time organizing the project and their tasks in Google Docs and on the team Kanban board. The girls even learned how to take photos for the website and edit them using the online tool Canva

I am truly impressed with how much the girls were able to accomplish in just 8 weeks time. They dedicated time in our meetings at my dining room table to learning the necessary skills and went back home to finish up their pages. I also really enjoyed seeing their innovative solutions to problems we faced along the way. They worked well at troubleshooting issues and at finding alternative ways to solve those problems. These are challenges that full-time software engineers face on a daily basis. The girls got a good taste of what it’s like to work on a real software engineering team.

Bringing technology opportunities to young girls to teach them the tools to be successful is just one of the ways we can help bridge the gender-gap in tech. Long Island Women in Tech works to support our local community with programs to help girls see their true potential through technology. From Hour of Code, to Robotics classes, school assemblies, supporting coding clubs and visiting local class-rooms, teams from LI Women in Tech have been volunteering their time and skills over the past 2 years to help Long Island become a technology hub for the future women in tech.

We welcome you to check out the website and read up about the girls who built it here. Tell them what you think of the project by commenting below. I’m sure they’d love to hear your feedback.