Networking in Huntington

On February 15th, LI Women in Tech met up for our monthly networking session. This month we added in a resume review and social brand education session to the mix. About 15 women attended the event hosted at the sleek offices of Work Market in Huntington, NY. Many didn’t realize Long Island was home to tech startups like Work Market and were pleasantly surprised to see the open office layout, pool table, arcade games, wood floors and comfy couches for its employees to enjoy. We got the chance to hang out in the office enjoying pizza and drinks brought in by the Work Market staff. Special thanks to AJ Huaranca for being our gracious host for the night and taking pictures of the group along the way.
Networking and Resume Peer Review

Each member got a chance to introduce themselves, share their background, and talk about what help they were looking for from the group. Attendees then broke out into smaller groups to help with resume reviews. It was a great opportunity for both seasoned professionals and new graduates to share their resumes and get helpful and honest feedback from those with hiring experience. Some members were in the industry for over 20 years and hadn’t had a need to update their resume in a while. Some were struggling with how to represent a gap in employment. It was great to see how everyone came out of the review with new ideas and an enthusiasm to move forward.

15 Minute Power Talk: Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media

Our Founder, Stefana Muller spoke to the group about how they can use social media to build their personal brand. She cited examples and gave tips on SEO search and what to share on social sites to get noticed. She also shared what NOT to do – we all got a laugh at the example Jim Drannbauer, Work Market Director of Software Engineering set for us. You can check out the presentation below or watch the recorded session on Social Brand done by Rachel Duran during the Summer Series. (We highly recommend it!)
If you went to the event, comment below and tell us how it went!