Attention Parents, Educators and Community Members!

Computer Science Education Week is December 5 – 11 and we need your help to get more kids into the CS field!

Computers are everywhere, changing every industry on the planet. But only 1 in 4 schools teach computer science and our pipeline of new, educated computer programmers is dwindling. Good news is, we’re on our way to change this. If you’ve heard about the Hour of Code before, you might know it made history. More than 100 million students have tried an Hour of Code to kick-start their education into Computer Science.

Do you want to learn more about this awesome program?

Our LI Women in Tech Founder, Stefana Muller gave us the practical tips on how we can ALL get involved with Hour of Code. She also shared her presentation for you to use to help spread the word. This includes info like:

  • Answer to the question “What is Coding?”
  • Why coding and CS is so important.
  • Why kids should learn to code.
  • How to teach kids CS skills even if you don’t have these skills yourself.
  • How to get started now.

Speaker Bio:

Stefana Muller, Founder, LI Women in Tech

Stefana Muller is an award winning, senior-level executive with over 17 years’ experience in technology, software development and product management. As an international speaker and blogger, Stefana has positively impacted tens of thousands of individuals in their technology careers.

Mrs. Muller is the VP of Business Development at Datagrid Systems; an early-stage startup focused on simplifying and speeding up the deployment of applications into production. She works with software and application developers to help them move from periodic releases to rapid deployment. Stefana is a proven DevOps expert who specializes in Agile software development.

Prior to her current role, Stefana spent 16 years with CA Technologies running software product lines in security, cloud, agile, development and testing technology. She’s managed global teams and driven multi-million dollar product lines to success through her ability to connect with her customer while remaining focused on their success.

In 2015, her passion for diversity in tech led her to found the first Long Island Women in Tech organization, which now boasts over 250 members. Stefana coordinates webinars and onsite events featuring passionate and dynamic technology presenters for the techie ladies of Long Island to network with, learn from and grow in their technology roles while staying close to home.

Mrs. Muller is a tireless advocate of building computer science into every classroom and curriculum for pre-K to 12 students. Speaking to School Administration, Teachers and Parents about the benefits of a coding curriculum has been her ‘side-job’ over the past 5 years.

Stefana is a volunteer with Hour of Code, running sessions for K – 12 students across Long Island. In the past 2 years, she’s successfully taught over 500 students the art and science of computer programming. To keep kids thriving in tech, Stefana mentors young girls through the Technovation Challenge, coaches Robotics and Coding Clubs with Wonder Workshop and shares her technology and programming career path with high-school students as an industry advisory board member at multiple districts on Long Island.

On a personal note, Stefana is an avid runner and budding triathlete. She lives in New York with her wonderful husband Jay and 2 daughters, Olivia and Ella where they enjoy SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), soccer and flying their quad-copter.

Connect with Stefana on LinkedIN or Follow her on Twitter.