How User Experience Fits Into Everything We Do

Summer Series 2016

July 15, 2016

For some, User Experience (UX) is just the ‘flavor of the month’ but for companies committed to improving their products and/or services, understanding their users wants and needs (whether expressed or not) can be the key to success. What is it that UX brings that is different from other programs or perspectives? How has the field evolved into one that can be the difference? Where is UX in your company?

On July 15th, Elisa Miller, UX Coach and Expert shared with us why companies focusing on the user experience are doing so well and what you can do to bring the UX perspective to your company.

Speaker Bio:

Elisa Miller

Elisa Kaplan Miller is an enterprise UX thought-leader who focuses on Agile/SAFe integration and other issues in the enterprise software development arena. A long time user advocate and audience detective, she is a passionate user-experience architect / user research specialist with broad experience in user experience research, content strategy, information architecture, and technical training across a variety of disciplines including banking/finance, healthcare, energy, semiconductors and high tech. Her professional toolbox contains many techniques for conducting quantitative and qualitative research for better understanding users. For last 20+ years, she has integrated her strategic approach with a business perspective. Since moving from journalism to user experience, she has provided the strategic link between business, marketing and technology.

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