Thanks to all the members, old and new, who made it out to our LIWiT July Social @ Campagne House in Bethpage. It was a fun evening filled with delicious appetizers, tasty drinks and engaging conversation.

Here are some of the conversation highlights from the event… “I majored in journalism. How do I leap from a non-technical field to a technical?” … “How did you find your way to IT/Tech field?” … “Being able bridge communication of technical concepts between engineers and business stakeholders is a huge asset..” … Do I need a business card in the digital world we live in?” … “Wow! We are all in diverse areas of IT/Tech across different industries (verticals) but we really do share common challenges.” … “We need more of these events!”

Join us next month and be a part of the conversation. LIWiT August Social Wednesday, August 9 5:30pm-8:00pm @ The Grill, Hauppauge, NY.

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